Best Furniture for Community Meeting Rooms

Given the changing needs of our culture, today’s libraries are more than just a haven for students and avid readers; many are also evolving into community hubs, offering spaces for meetings, workshops, and other events in addition to study spaces. These multifunctional spaces require versatile and durable furniture that can accommodate a wide range of groups and purposes while still maximizing the use of space in your library. Let’s discuss some examples of community meeting room furnishings that can serve these purposes best.

Flip-Top Nesting Tables

Flip-top nesting tables serve as a one-stop solution for providing a multi-functional space with ease in configuration. The tables come in an interlocking design with casters, which cater to varied group sizes, and the table tops flip up and lock in place vertically when not in use so they can be easily nested and stored together while conserving space. With their easy-to-clean surfaces and professional look, these tables are convenient for you and inviting for your library guests.

Stacking Chairs with Dollies

Stacking chairs are an everlasting choice for community meetings as they are low maintenance and classic in design. These chairs are made from materials that are durable and easy to clean, ensuring they maintain their appearance even with constant use. Importantly, their stacked design is safe and stable, reducing the risk of accidents–and the storage dollies make them easy to transport. Available in various colors and styles, these chairs can complement any decor while offering practical, flexible seating solutions for your meeting rooms.

Mobile Lecterns

To accommodate a wide range of events, workshops and presentations in community meeting rooms, mobile lecterns are a must-have. Set upon durable casters, these lecterns can be easily wheeled in and out on demand, and despite their compact size, many models offer ample space for notes or a laptop for the speaker. Many are also height-adjustable for additional convenience. 

By incorporating these three essential types of furnishings, you’ll have the versatility necessary to configure your community spaces to accommodate a full range of functions and group sizes, making your library even more welcoming and accessible in the process. At Creative Library Concepts, we offer a large variety of furnishing solutions to ensure your meeting areas fit both your patrons’ needs and your overall aesthetic. Contact us here to learn more about these and other options.

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