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Creative Furnishing Options for STEAM Labs and Maker Spaces

As the educational needs of our society continue to evolve, the traditional classroom setting is making way for more dynamic and interactive learning spaces. One of the most exciting developments in this field is the emergence of STEAM labs and maker spaces in schools. These innovative environments are designed to foster discovery, collaboration, and hands-on […]


How to Use Furnishings to Create an Inviting Library Experience

In the age of digital content and remote learning, libraries today are adapting to maintain their relevance and appeal. A significant part of this process is focusing on the library experience itself–to make your various spaces as welcoming and comfortable as possible for visitors who come in to work, study, collaborate, or browse. When thoughtfully […]


The Importance of Signage in Libraries

As a library administrator, you naturally want your library to be more than just a collection of books–you want it to be a vibrant hub of learning, research, and social interaction. That’s what your visitors want when they come to the library, as well. But if someone comes through the doors and can’t find visual […]


Best Furniture for Community Meeting Rooms

Given the changing needs of our culture, today’s libraries are more than just a haven for students and avid readers; many are also evolving into community hubs, offering spaces for meetings, workshops, and other events in addition to study spaces. These multifunctional spaces require versatile and durable furniture that can accommodate a wide range of […]


3 Ways to Optimize Your Library Design for Maximum User Benefit

As the needs of our culture continue to evolve, our libraries are adapting to meet those needs. Today, libraries need to be more than just about the books and other resources they offer. People need places where they can collaborate, learn, study, and explore. That’s why library design is so crucial in this day and […]


What Is the Lead Time for Installing New Library Shelving and Furniture?

The furnishings you choose for your library can go a long way toward creating a warm and inviting experience for your patrons. At the same time, the process of procuring and installing new library shelving and furnishings is a significant undertaking. In fact, one of the most common questions asked by library administrators when considering […]


Group Study Rooms – Every Library Needs Them, Here’s How You Can Add Them

Undeniably, a modern library must be more than just a repository of books. In the digital age where so much research is now accessible online, libraries are finding fresh purpose by creating essential spaces for collaborative study and knowledge exchange. Indeed, there is a constant need for libraries to incorporate more group study rooms to […]


State and Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

Procuring library and school furnishings can be a complicated and costly process–from vetting vendors to receiving bids to coordinating delivery and installation, and so on. The bidding process itself can be time-consuming and expensive, often creating a “race to the bottom” in terms of product quality because you end up bidding solely on price.  The […]

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How to Choose the Right Shelving for Your Library

Your ultimate goal in library design is to create a beneficial and inviting experience for visitors. Every detail matters, all the way down to the shelving you choose. It’s a constant balancing act between aesthetics and function, between maximizing the space and making it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. Let’s look […]


Circulation Desk Design: Important Factors to Consider

The circulation desk is the heart of the library. It’s where patrons come not only to check out books and return materials, but also to ask for help when they need it. In many cases, it’s also the first thing patrons see when they walk through the door–in other words, it’s your first impression! Suffice […]

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