Roll It Over! Mobile shelving helps libraries to open up space

Many libraries are realizing the benefit of having truly multi-functional spaces by utilizing a mobile shelving system.  By putting library shelving on heavy-duty lockable casters, shelving can be moved and/or reconfigured to create space for any type of program or function being held in the library.

Many of our library clients have taken advantage of this flexible space by hosting wine-and-cheese parties, local art shows, musical groups and author visits, all in space that is made temporarily made available by mobile shelving.

It’s a simple and cost effective means of creating that extra space whenever you need it.  Now that’s a great idea for libraries of all types and sizes! Please call for more information and pricing. 908-276-9200

18 thoughts on “Roll It Over! Mobile shelving helps libraries to open up space

  1. We are interested in getting more information concerning new library shelving and furniture for our beautiful, historic, Carnegie-funded library in the village of Chatham, NY. Thanks.

  2. Dear Creative Library Concepts,

    I’m working on a grant and have been searching for the ideal furnishings that would combine flexible arrangement in the library and visibility. The picture at the top of your page is almost exactly what I’ve envisioned. I would like dimension and pricing information please.

    Thank you for your time,

    Sarah Addison

  3. I am very interested in your mobile shelves on the “Roll It Over! Mobile shelving helps libraries to open up space” page on your website. I would like to know the cost to order and ship one of the mobile shelf units. I would be ordering from Colorado. It is for our elementary school library. Thank you for your time!

  4. I am interested in getting prices for your mobile shelving. I am writing a grant for our media center, and would like shelving units like the picture on this page. Our school is located in New Jersey. Could you please send an estimate of pricing brochure that I could include in our grant budget. Thank you

  5. I’m interested in pricing for these moveable shelves for a new library space we are going to have at our school.

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