4 Ways We Helped Transform this Modern School Libary

School libraries play an essential role in ensuring that students have necessary information literacy skills, by establishing opportunities for learning. Traditional K-12 libraries are constantly adapting to student’s needs. We had the privilege of outfitting Valleyview Middle School in Denville, NJ with innovative furnishings to achieve their desired goals.

1. Curved Lounge Seating with Laptop Counter –Banquette style seating establishes a designated space for cooperative learning. Students gather to share stories, questions and ideas.


2. Technology classroom – With a brand-new glass wall, we created a technologically rich teaching space. The space is integrated in the library and serves a flexible, shared environment.









3. Lap top bar – Spaces devoted to online research and web-based learning tools are imperative in K-12 libraries. With built in power and USB capabilities, students can plug in, and get to work.


4. Collaboration Table- There is no question, flexibility is a must. These tables are highly useful as an area for either individual learning or group exploration, as a small Makerspace or cooperative development.

By continually aligning technologies with the needs of patrons, this school library is now an inviting and modern learning environment, providing readily available and useful information. With the right design and furnishings, the possibilities are endless.

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