Library Touchscreen OPAC Station Provides Many Features

Creative Library Concepts has partnered with Library Automation Technologies (LAT) to develop and bring to market a Touchscreen OPAC (online patron access catalog) Station that offers the following benefits:

  • Can be mounted on end panels or building columns; eliminates need for OPAC tables and seating
  • Will display web-based OPAC or existing OPAC software; compatible with all ILS vendors
  • Will display digital signage when screen is not being used; library director will have a web-based module to control content that appears on every screen in the library
  • Can be customized to provide access to any additional library programs and software, including:
    • Calendar
    • Room reservation system
    • Payment systems
    • Any software (including Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, etc.) used at the library
  • Can be easily expanded into a full self-checkout system with the addition of a scanner and receipt printer

Please contact Creative Library Concepts at (908) 276-9200 for additional information or pricing.

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