Award Winning Design

A huge congratulations to our friends at Greenwich Country Day School in Greenwich, CT. The IIDA of New England awarded the Greenwich Country Day School Middle School project the Design Award in Education, Follow this link to see the award’s submission and CLC’s contribution!

Divide and Conquer! Modern room dividing walls from Loftwall

Loftwall manufactures room dividers and privacy partitions that work PERFECTLY in libraries and schools.

A vision so simple yet powerful: give users highly adaptive solutions to configure, reconfigure and easily move spaces to meet their needs.

With 10+ different divider systems, there are endless options to choose from.  From the airy WEBwall to the sound-controlling acoustic BLOX wall, we can help you find a Loftwall product that fits your design and functional needs.

We have used Loftwall on several of our recent projects and our clients LOVE them!  Please contact Creative Library Concepts for additional information.



4 Ways We Helped Transform this Modern School Libary

School libraries play an essential role in ensuring that students have necessary information literacy skills, by establishing opportunities for learning. Traditional K-12 libraries are constantly adapting to student’s needs. We had the privilege of outfitting Valleyview Middle School in Denville, NJ with innovative furnishings to achieve their desired goals. 1. Curved Lounge Seating with Laptop … Read more

Roll It Over! Mobile shelving helps libraries to open up space

Many libraries are realizing the benefit of having truly multi-functional spaces by utilizing a mobile shelving system.  By putting library shelving on heavy-duty lockable casters, shelving can be moved and/or reconfigured to create space for any type of program or function being held in the library. Many of our library clients have taken advantage of … Read more

Moveable and Flexible Furniture in Learning Commons and Higher Education Libraries

Movable furniture is vitally important in Higher Education libraries to allow students to create the unique configurations they require in order to work either in teams or by themselves. Many manufacturers have developed solutions for both reading tables and lounge chairs to provide students the flexibility to tailor their environment to the task at hand. … Read more

Collaboration tables take center stage with library furniture manufacturers

Group study rooms are among the busiest areas in 21st century libraries.  At the college and university level, students will often reserve these rooms days in advance in order to spend an hour or two collaborating with members of their project teams. In public libraries, local businesses and students are meeting in these rooms due … Read more

Library Touchscreen OPAC Station Provides Many Features

Creative Library Concepts has partnered with Library Automation Technologies (LAT) to develop and bring to market a Touchscreen OPAC (online patron access catalog) Station that offers the following benefits: Can be mounted on end panels or building columns; eliminates need for OPAC tables and seating Will display web-based OPAC or existing OPAC software; compatible with … Read more